Lets say I have a fast weapon shooting.
I want to enable “stealing”, so whenever it shoots a new bullet, it stops the tail of the old sound, and uses that voice to play the start of the new sound instead.

By doing that I get less cpu hit and also i get less muffled sound, because I dont play a tail of the sound, while im triggering a new sound.

In Fmod, i have the “Max instances”. But is it networked?
By that, I mean, if we are 2 players and we both use the same weapon and shoot, will we be stealing sounds from each others weapons, or is the limit only local? (that’s what i would prefer).

If the “max instances” is networked, how would i go about accomplishing the “stop playing tail of sound when new sound is triggered”.


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FMOD will only operate within the current system created in game.

So if you have a multiplayer game that has one player per client application, each of the clients will act independently of each other. Although if you are using local multiplayer, then all the players (and sounds) will be running through the one FMOD system.

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