What data is in the Metadata\Return folder.

I’m setting up a zip file for user content creation, there is only a framework project i.e. buss and bank names.

The return folder has 1 file that is 14 meg in size.

Can I delete this file?


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Hi Dale,

Sorry for the delay as it too a few days for me to get access to the board you posted the project on. I had a look at the 14mb file in the Metadata/Return folder and it turned out to be a legit project file. The reason why it is 14mb is because of the convolution reverb which apparently points to a impulse response that is ~14mb in size. Studio at the moment makes a copy of the impulse response data and stick it in the xml. If you wish to reduce the size of file, we recommend using a impulse response that is smaller in file size.

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