Hello guys,
I have a problem with the start offset function. I followed the wiking tutorial regarding the torch sound and how to avoid phasing issues. I tried this myself because i am using this in a project right now but it seems, when the start offsets kicks in for example: i have a 10 sec clip, start offset starts at 5 sek, that when it reaches the end of the wav file(not the clip) the remaning 5 seconds is complete scilence. Another person had this too on this forum but he did not get helpful answeres so i am trying it again.
I uploaded an unlisted Video to youtube so you can see for yourself.
Link to the video:

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Ok, reddit helped me. Did not now that you could set the clip to loop itself.


“SOLVED: I reached out to FMOD support and they pointed out that there is a loop audio button to the top right of the waveform down on the dock, this has to be highlighted for the audio to continuously loop when start offset is enabled. The button looks like two arrows looping back on eachother.”
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