Finally got to test Version 1.08.12 for UE4.

Sound now works on Android, but it doesn’t seem like sounds get spatialized at all. I can determine whether I am getting away or closer to the sound source, but I can’t determine the direction is coming from.

I stood in the game in such a way that sound source was to the right from me and I removed my earbuds alternating ears. Sounded equally strong in both ears.

Spatialization doesn’t seem to work in the FMOD Studio either. When I play sound and mess with the 3D Preview sphere, sound doesn’t change “direction”. I am using Oculus Spatializer in FMOD Studio.

Another issue I noticed is that when I started the game, sound was almost at minimum volume. When I pressed Volume Up on Gear VR, sound volume indicator showed 3/4 high volume bar. As soon as I pressed Volume Up, sound got set to proper volume.

UE 4.13.0, Oculus Audio SDK 1.04 FMOD plugin.

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Hi Alex,
Thanks for describing your issue . I would like to see if you can confirm if the standard FMOD 3D Panner works in your app / hardware setup. If it does, but the oculus plugin doesnt, it might be worth contacting oculus to see if there is an issue with their plugin.

  • Alex Zubov

    So, I am trying to wrap my head around how to deploy to Android without using Oculus plugin and I don’t see how. Following this: http://www.fmod.org/documentation/#content/generated/engine_ue4/deployment.html and the docs implies usage of Oculus plugin libovrfmod.so

    So no matter what I try, if libovrfmod.so is broken, I will not be able to test 3D panner on the device – it will always fail to do spatialization.

    How do I deploy to Android without any plugins, using stock FMOD Android support ?

  • brett

    That is an example of how to deploy a plugin. It is not a requirement. Just do not include oculus in your project, and dont do anything to do with the plugin. This plugin is totally optional. If you do have the plugin in your project and dont care about it, or want to test another event , use FMOD_STUDIO_INIT_ALLOW_MISSING_PLUGINS
    so you dont get an error.

  • Alex Zubov

    Alright, I did a test with a single sound event – spatialization (using 3D panner) works in FMOD Studio, in UE4 Editor (PIE) and on Gear VR.

    Spatialization (using 3D panner) on Scatterer sound doesn’t work anywhere.

    Video (now with sound):

  • brett

    your output of your track is set to mono, that is why you get no panning

  • Alex Zubov

    Ahh, didn’t even noticed it :( Thanks a bunch!

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