Hi. I am android developer.
I have a problem after launching the android game in Japan.
The sound of the aquos series made by sharp electronic is broken.
As a result of checking the customer’s report, most of the aquos series have occurred.

It sounds like a mechanical sound. The noise is very severe.
I think the sound chip of the sharp manufacturer does not seem to match fmod.
May I know how to solve it?

I tried various ways to solve it alone, but it was not useless.
1. Compression quality and format change
2. Create and test a single project that only fmod exists.

please help me.

  • test device : Sharp Aquos Crystal 306SH / android version 4.4.2
  • test sound format : FADPCM 48kHz / vorbis 100% / pcm 48
  • unity version : 5.6.5p1 pro
  • fomd unity plugin version : 10702
  • FMOD Studio 1.07.04 / 64-bit / Build #70728
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Not sure what would cause that, do you have any logs from when the issue occurs?

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